LITERATURES IN ENGLISH:Course II: American & Post Colonial

A) Introduction to Postcolonialism –
(Colonialism, Imperialism, Post-colonialism, Diaspora, History, Nationalism)
B) Leading 20th century Post Colonial thinkers
1) Franz Fanon (National Consciousness, Identity)
2) Edward Said (Concept of Orientalism)
3) HomiBabha (Hybridity, Ambivalence, Mimicry, Diaspora)
4) Gayatri Chakravarty Spivak (Subalternity, Representation)
Gabriel Okara: Mystic Drum
Margaret Atwood: This is a Photograph of me
Kamala Das: Nani
David Diop: Africa
Nissim Ezekiel: Goodbye Party to Miss Pushpa TS
( -)
Drama: Vijay Tendulkar- Silence! The Court is in Session – Act I
Story: O V Vijayan- After Hanging
A brief historical survey of the movements and concerns of American Literature
(Transcendentalism, American Romanticism, Civil War, Beat Generation,
Confessionalism, Womanism)
“Success is counted Sweetest”/ Emily Dickinson
“Anecdote of the Jar”/Wallace Stevens
“My Papa’s Waltz”/Theodore Roethke.
Anyone Lived in a Pretty How town”/E. E. Cummings
“Tulips” / Sylvia Plath
“Dream Deferred” Langston Hughes
Fiction and Drama
“Gift of Magi”/ O. Henry.
“Old Man and the Sea”/ Earnest Hemingway.
The Hairy Ape”/ Eugene O'Neil
Further Reading
1) Colonialism/Post Colonialism – AniaLoomba
2) Colonial and Post Colonial Literature IInd Edition – EllekeBoehmer
3) Literary theory (The basics) – HansBertens
4) Beginning Theory by PeterBarry
5) Empire Writes Back: Bill Ashcroft, Gareth Griffiths and Helen Tiffin.
1. Bonglke, Rangrao (Ed) Contemporary American Literature: Poetry, Fiction, Drama and Criticism.
New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers, 2002.
2. Iyengar ,Sreenivasa K.R. Indian Writing in English, Delhi: Sterling, 1984
3 Naik, M.K. A History of Indian English Delhi: Sahitya Literature Academi, 1982
4. Naik,M. K.(Ed). Perspectives on Indian Poetry in English. New Delhi: Abhinav
Publications, 1984.
5. Mathiessew, F.O. American Literature upto Nineteenth Century
6. Collins-An Introduction to American Literature.